Friday, October 8, 2010

I am a watch person.

I've been a watch person since about the first grade. My first watch was purple - Beauty And The Beast themed. It was digital, and since I hadn't taken all my electrical engineering classes yet, I didn't quite understand the risk of getting electronics wet. I wore it in the bathtub, and I still remember looking down at my watch like it was yesterday. My eyes went down to the watch, the screen was completely blank, and I started crying.

In the end, the watch just needed to be dried out and the battery was replaced and it was good as new. Lesson learned: electronics (especially watches) and water don't mix.

Anyway, watches are great. I like them nerdy, utilitarian, clean and sometimes vintage. Kinda how I like my glasses.

My two most recent watches, Swatch watches. Love them because they are cheap, durable, and go with anything. You can dress them up or down. I got the black one about three years ago and the grey one about three months ago. The watches are two sizes because that's how they are in real life. The black one is tiny and the grey one is huge!

Other watches I love:

Such a pretty color! here.

Woodgrain! here.

So fresh and so clean! here.

A grandpa watch! here.

Gold! here.

Gold and digital! I actually think this is the one I am getting next. here.

P.S. Chicago post on Monday!


Lauren said...

Lately I have been wanting a brown leather Timex. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, soooooo ready for that Chicago post!

Katie said...

Love that first gold watch.

Anonymous said...

the page of the O'CLOCK has "your" instead of "you're." THIS KILLS ME. what kind of business is this?!