Monday, October 18, 2010

Get organized 2k11

I am reeeally particular about planners. Mainly the way the days are displayed on the page. I like having an entire week outlook on two pages, with the days listed in rows, not columns. This is sort of hard to find now that I don't have my OSU Mortar Board, my trusty fallback. They had us spoiled in the area of planners at that university.

A few months ago I realized that just because I graduated did not mean that I didn't need a planner anymore. I didn't feel like buying another planner for the last few months of the year (and couldn't find one I liked, for that matter). So I just improvised and used my graph-paper moleskin notebook. I wrote in my own calendar and it has worked out pretty well.

I've been keeping my eyes open and here are some possibilities of what I may be purchasing in January:



Orrrrr I may just draw a bunch of lines in my moleskin again and call it good.

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Katie said...

It took me about a year after I graduated to realize I still needed a planner, and it was almost exclusively because I had bought too many tickets to upcoming shows. I couldn't keep them straight.

Looking back, I don't know how I went that long without it.

My fav planner is Staples brand. It has the weeks on 2 pages and days in rows. It's a student planner, but that doesn't bother me. You should check it out.