Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sadie!

Dear Sadie,

I cannot believe you are a year old today!  Nobody knows the exact day you were born, but for the following reasons I think your birthday is on St. Patricks Day:
- you were 8 weeks old in mid May
- your name is Irish
- you are a lush
- you like to party

It seems like only yesterday I got the email from Kate's mom with your picture:

How could I not take you home with me?  Even when I went to meet you in Shawnee, you were the cutest little kitten, waiting in the window to meet your future mommy.

You were so small and had lots of kitten fuzz!

I could tell from the very beginning we would be best friends.

Your big brother got a new best friend too!

You were so brave when you got your front claws and lady parts removed!

Your first house party was a success - you wanted all the attention!

You have grown up so fast!

And you will always have the largest kitty cat tail I have ever seen!

You are the most precious and nice cat in the entire world!

Your mommy,


Katie said...

That is one cute kitty!

Kathleen Knapp said...

That IS one HUGE cat tail! Happy first birthday Sadie! Yay!

Lost&Found said...

Oh my, your kitties are adorable! I have two fluffs, and they are the loves of my life (them, and my fiance LOL).